Queen of Divorce (2024)


Kim Sa Ra was the daughter-in-law of the biggest law firm in South Korea, but she was betrayed by her husband and lost everything. After that, she began working as a divorce troubleshooter. She is now the team leader at the divorce settlement office Solution. She punishes bad spouses and provides help for those who find themselves in unfair divorce situations.

Director: Park Jin Seok [박진석]

Also known as: 끝내주는 해결사 끝까지 간다 绝佳的解决士 Kkeutnaejuneun Haegyeolsa Kkeutkkaji Ganda Great Problem Solver A Hard Day Persist Until the End Going Until the End Going to the End I Will Go Until the End Amazing Troubleshooter Королева разводов Удивительный специалист ملكة الطلاق


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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