Our Season (2023)


Park Bok Ja is granted a special vacation after her death, which allows her to go see her daughter, Bang Jin Joo, a university professor living abroad. Unlike her expectation, Bok Ja finds Jin Joo living in her old house running a local diner and becomes frustrated with questions that she is unable to ask. After spending time alongside Jin Joo, Bok Ja realizes that her daughter is struggling with the unresolved feelings about her, and tries to find a way to show her sincere feelings that she had never shared before.

Director: Yook Sang Hyo [육상효]

Also known as: 3일의 휴가 휴가 鬼媽媽的假期 Hyuga Our Season Holiday Vacation - 2020 Vacation Наш сезон Трёхдневный отпуск


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , , ,

Our Season (2023) full episodes

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